Monday, December 20, 2004

This is what I want to see... 

Soriano to the Mets for Cliff Floyd, with the Mets picking up half of the $13 million Floyd is owed over the next two years. Floyd takes over at DH.

David Eckstein signed on a one year deal to play second base.

Wade Miller signed on a two year, $10 million deal with a third year, $8 million option that vests based if Miller starts 50 games in 2005-2006, with a $1 million buyout.

Yes, the Miller deal is a big risk, but when healthy, he's a legit #2 starter, and it isn't as if the Rangers are going to do anything with the money if they don't spend it on Miller.

The Rangers aren't going to get a quality starting pitcher from outside the organization without rolling the dice. Miller is someone worth rolling the dice on.

i totlay agree with those choices. But did you forget who our owner and manager is? Tom Hicks dosnt want to spend any more moeny this ofseason and showalter wants griddy old veteran injury prone good guys in the locker room players.why not just use soriano as DH. He cant play defense and it would be cheaper. I like the pitching idea with miller. Its worth the risk, risks are all the rangers take so why not:)
I agree with everything except the Floyd deal. I rather keep Soriano then trade him for Floyd.

Wade is 28 years old right now so he's young. I would offer him a contract of:

1st year- $5M
2nd year- $5M
3rd year- $6M or a $3M buyout
4th year- $6M or a $1M buyout.

Even though he had surgery, he's still young enough where he can recover from it. With the way salaries are being signed, taking a chance on him for 3 years instead of 2 is still a good gamble.

In the past Buck Showalter has gotten teams such as the Yankees and the Diamondbacks near the title, then he was replaced in both instances, and the teams went on to win championships. Do you think this is the case here in Texas? Showalter fixes the team and puts us in a good position, but because of the way he likes to handle personel, he can't get us over that hump, which is a title contender. I really wonder, because it really doesn't make sense why Hicks isn't willing to spend some money. Even if we could have acquired a guy like Paul Byrd, who isn't expensive at all, that would have been great. I wonder if the Rangers are just waiting it out, hoping this overpriced market drops some, so they can get a late pitching signing, but for some reason I see the Rangers not making any more moves, and I see a team like the Cardinals getting a David Eckstein, a team who is willing to trade prospects and pay money to help build a title contending team, something the Rangers should do. Who could have envisioned back last season when Hicks sold the naming rights for the stadium and said the money would be used for pitching. He talked the talk...now he needs to walk the walk.
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