Thursday, December 30, 2004

Two Yankee moves with possible Texas impacts 

The Yankees are, apparently, getting Randy Johnson after all.

New York is supposedly sending Javier Vazquez, Dioner Navarro, Brad Halsey, and $9 million to the D-Backs for the Big Unit, a pretty unimpressive haul for Arizona. Arizona should have been able to get Eric Duncan as part of the deal.

Arizona is apparently going to then look to ship Vazquez elsewhere, with Texas being among the teams supposedly interested. Vazquez is owed $34.5 million over the next three years, with the $9 million subsidy dropping that to $25.5 million. I've liked Vazquez for a while, although he was horrible in the second half of last season, and is a flyball pitcher, which the Rangers are trying to stay away from. Even with his tendency to give up homers, though, I'd like to see Texas make a run at him...he doesn't walk anyone, and his K/BB ratios prior to last season have consistently been very good. The concern about Vazquez is going to be whether his problems last season were due to health issues, and if so, if he's back to 100% now.

Arizona supposedly wants to try to compete this season, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Soriano trade rumors started back up, with him going to Arizona as part of a proposed deal for Vazquez.

The Yankees are also apparently close to signing Tino Martinez, whom the Rangers were interested in as a DH. Martinez is terrible, and bringing him in as the DH would do nothing but provide the clubhouse with another crusty veteran with "intangibles" and "leadership"...

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