Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wade Miller to the Red Sox 

Wade Miller signs with Boston.

One year, $1.5 million guaranteed, $3 million in incentives.

Texas should have offered him $5 million guaranteed, plus an option.

Once again, Hart appears to be asleep at the switch.

$1.5M seems really low. Didn't he make 3.4 last year with the 'Stros and they denied him arbitration because they expected a raise to $4.5-5M.
-Frmr 'Stros fan
Yep, they didn't want to risk $5 million on a guy who is an injury risk.

Texas should have sent them a Matt Farnum or an Andy Fox...some low-level fringe prospect...and offered him arbitration.
Apparently, when it comes to salaries and free agency, Hicks has decided to go from competing with the Yankees to competing with the Devil Rays.

Great, yeah you got burned on the A-Rod and Park deals, that doesn't mean you can't go out and spend 3-5 million on a solid young starting pitcher.
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