Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yankees sign Jaret Wright 

Former Indians pitcher Jaret Wright, a guy who I thought John Hart would be interested in picking up, has signed with the Yankees.

The deal is reportedly "comparable" to Kris Benson's 3 year, $22.5 million contract with the Mets.

This has become insane.

Check out Jaret Wright's career numbers.

A 5.09 ERA. 569 strikeouts and 369 walks in 758 innings pitched. A nice debut for the Indians early in his career, followed by arm problems and poor performances through 2003.

And then Wright gets together with Leo Mazzone in Atlanta, and turns it around, posting a 3.28 ERA, good for 13th in the N.L.

One would think that after the Chris Hammond fiasco, the Yankees would have learned their lesson, and wouldn't be overpaying for vets who put it together in Atlanta. And yet, here they are, giving (apparently) $7+ million per year to a 29 year old pitcher coming off of his only quality season.

He was handled carefully in Atlanta, pitching only 186 1/3 innings, good for just 34th in the N.L., and averaged less than 6 innings per start. His peripherals were solid, but still...this is a guy whose arm would seem to be hanging on by a thread. If you get a good season and a half out of him between now and the end of 2007, you should be happy.

And this is someone you give $20+ million to over three years?


I guess they figured they had to start spending their Jason Giambi refund money somewhere...

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