Monday, January 17, 2005

Alfonso Soriano signing -- link 

One year, $7.5 million, per the S-T.

On a fairly consistent basis you've hinted that you're not the biggest Soriano fan, and that given the chance to trade him for say, a steaming pile of dung, you'd pull the trigger. Given that his stats aren't too dissimilar to the recently lauded Mike Cameron, don't you think that Soriano isn't such a bad fit afterall? Alfonso cost the Rangers a little more than Ray Durham, and a little less than guys like Kent and Bret Boone. While it's a boatload of cash, it seems like a decent amount for a guy of his ability.

And to go back to an earlier post regarding the catching spot, and why the Rangers didn't take a stab at AJ Pierzynski, take a look at this anectdote, provided by the SF Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins:

'One of those now-it-can-be-told stories the White Sox, A.J. Pierzynski's new employer, surely haven't heard: During a Giants exhibition game last spring, Pierzynski took a shot to his, shall we say, private parts. Trainer Stan Conte rushed to the scene, placed his hands on Pierzynski's shoulders in a reassuring way, and asked how it felt. "Like this," said Pierzynski, viciously delivering a knee to Conte's groin. It was a real test of professionalism for the enraged Conte, who vowed to ignore Pierzynski for the rest of the season until Conte realized how that would look. The incident went unreported because all of the beat writers happened to be doing in-game interviews in the clubhouse, but it was corroborated by a half-dozen eyewitnesses who could hardly believe their eyes. Said one source, as reliable as they come: "There is absolutely no doubt that it happened." '
Having a Alex Cora-esque at second and Mike Cameron in center would be a lot better than simply just having an overpaid Alfonso Soriano manning second. Of course, I doubt the Mets would trade Cameron for Soriano. They are similar players except for one difference, Mike Cameron is an outstanding defender at a position that has been a wasteland for the Texas Rangers, and Soriano is not, to say the least. Imagine you then possibly add Delgado to that and the off-season no longer looks as much like an unmitigated disaster that it has so far.

The point is, Soriano is going to be vastly overpaid the next few years for being mediocre. The way I see it with the Rangers ridiculous stance on being low spenders, basically the Pirates-South, it is important to not spend almost a sixth of your budget on a poor fielding, low OBP, number three hitter second baseman.

Give me Cameron any day.
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