Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Americans playing in Japan 

I stumbled across a piece in the Japan Times outlining the gaijin playing in the Japanese League this season.

It is a fascinating collection of has-beens and almost-wases...and in case you want to know why no minor league veteran DH-types are lying around anymore, waiting to be scooped up as an NRI by a team looking for a cheap DH platoon, it is because they are all in Japan.

Pedro Valdes (a former Ranger), Fernando Seguignol, Larry Barnes, Kevin Witt, Tuffy Rhodes, Damon Minor, Karim Garcia, and Roosevelt Brown are all plying their trade in Japan, rather than kicking around the minors waiting to have a Ken Harvey/Calvin Pickering career breakthrough (or, if you prefer, a Ken Phelpsian breakthrough).

Other interesting names include former Rangers Shane Spencer, Brandon Knight (whom the Rangers dealt for Chad Curtis), Cliff Brumbaugh, Aaron Myette, Tony Mounce, Julio Santana, and Darwin Cubillan, and former Aggie pitchers Ryan Rupe and Kevin Beirne.

You can also add former Ranger great Gabe "the Babe" Kapler who just signed over there.
For what it's worth, Rosie Brown just signed a minor league deal with Atlanta.
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