Saturday, January 15, 2005

A's give Durazo $4.7 million deal 

The Oakland A's have re-signed Erubiel Durazo, for one year at $4.7 million.

I thought that there was a chance that he'd be non-tendered, with the A's preferring to find a cheaper option rather than risk arbitration with him. That $4.7 million isn't bad.

The same article also indicates that Eric Byrnes, probably my least favorite player in the majors, is saying that he's about to sign a one year deal for over $2 million.

why is Byrns your least favorite player? I mean, sure he plays for the A's and looks ridiculous when he runs, but he isn't good enough or a big enough jerk to be my least favorite player. And he did fill in on some local sports talk show here in the bay area, and actually sounded like a reasonably smart guy.
Another Bay Area Ranger fan here, and yeah, I heard Byrnes on KNBR, along with former utility guy F.P. Santangelo, and thought that the duo absolutely killed. Very entertaining, they filled in for a full week and were more candid than this listener would have guessed at the outset.

Byrnes is a Bay Area guy, having gone to St.Francis or Bellarmine for high school, and flat out hustles on every play. He's relatively cheap, has nice speed/ power, and while a bit of a late bloomer has developed into a Rusty Greer type talent. I had hoped that Oakland might have found him too expensive, but that's evidently not the case.
I don't like Byrnes because:

1) He looks like a big doofus in every picture I've ever seen of him, and
2) The play at the plate in the 2003 ALDS, where he pushed Jason Varitek and wandering around crying rather than touching home plate, thus costing the A's the series
I don't have a problem with Eric Byrnes, in fact he was a great pickup on my fantasy team this season. However in Adam's defense, when he throws he looks like a girl doing it.
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