Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Cameron asks the Mets to deal him 

Mike Cameron has requested that the Mets trade him, rather than move him to right field to make room for Carlos Beltran.

I've talked about this before, but the Rangers need to be on this. Bring Mike Cameron to Texas and plug him in centerfield.

If the Rangers say they can't afford Cameron AND Soriano, that would be the biggest load of crap. I could see how someone would believe that Delgado (wanting about 4 years and $17 million per) and Soriano is too expensive. But Cameron would cost about $14 over two years. That is nothing but money well spent. If Hicks is so worried about money, why did he give Barajas almost $2 million? Getting quality pitching in Arlington is no easy task. However, the next best thing is to improve the defense surrounding the pitchers. Having the best defensive centerfielder this side of Torri Hunter would make the biggest impact (even better than getting rid of Soriano at second).
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