Friday, January 21, 2005

Clemens re-ups with Houston -- 1 year, $18 million 

The Rocket gets paid...

That's a lot of money. And this could end up impacting the potential Soriano deal one of two ways. One, the Astros could believe that, with Clemens back, they are still a contender, and thus need to add a bat to the lineup, meaning that they are more likely to try to land Soriano.

Or it could mean that, with Clemens taking $18 million of the budget, they can't afford to add Soriano and his $7.5 million.

I lean towards the former interpretation...Clemens isn't making that much more than had been budgeted for just Beltran, and the Astros had made plans to have both Beltran and Clemens in Houston. So they should be able to afford both Soriano and Clemens. And I tend to believe that Clemens would be less likely to return if he didn't think that the Astros would be making other moves to strengthen the club for 2005.

So hopefully, a Soriano for Backe and Burke, or Soriano for Astacio and Burke, deal is on the horizon...

Jayson Stark has an article on ESPN where he states that it would be hard to imagine dealing Soriano to Houston without getting Backe in return. The addition of Clemens could make Backe expendible.
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