Sunday, January 02, 2005

A couple of items from New York Newsday on the Rangers 

Jon Heyman's New York Newsday column today has a couple of tidbits regarding the Rangers.

First, in commenting on Arizona's desire to move Javier Vazquez, he lists Texas, along with Detroit and Philadelphia, as possible destinations.

While I'm intrigued by Vazquez, there are a couple of issues. The medical staff for the Rangers have to be convinced that Vazquez is currently sound, in light of the rumblings that Vazquez's second-half meltdown was due to shoulder problems. And I'd want Orel Hershiser to take a look at tape on Vazquez -- particularly from both when he was with the Expos and in the second half of last season -- to see if he can identify any mechanical flaws that could have led to his problems. Vazquez, when healthy, has been a legit top-of-the-rotation starter, and while his flyball tendencies are worrisome in light of TBIA's nature, he keeps his walk total low enough that, if he can re-gain his pre-2004 form, he would be a worthwhile acquisition.

The second problem is what could be given up...the D-Backs apparently want to compete this season, and thus are going to prefer to get major leaguers rather than prospects. Soriano, of course, the Rangers are desperate to unload, but I'm not quite sure how much interest the D-Backs would have in him, or if Soriano would be enough for Vazquez.

The other tidbit is on Delgado. Heyman claims that some think the Mets still have the inside track on signing him, indicating that Delgado doesn't really like Baltimore, and Texas is only interested if they can get him "at a discount".

Being in the Ny metro area, I have found that you really cant put too much salt into what the NY media says about aquiring free agents. All the sports media talks about around here is how everyone out there wants to/is going to play in NY. I may be totally wrong, however I dont see the Mets signing Delgado or Beltran either.
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