Friday, January 14, 2005

The Delgado saga rolls on 

T.R. Sullivan today says that the Rangers are still players for Carlos Delgado, although Tom Hicks continues to act constrained by his budget. Supposedly, club officials are "reviewing" the possibility of having both Soriano and Delgado on the payroll.

Sullivan says that the Astros are willing to give up Chris Burke, "but little else", for Soriano...personally, if the Astros are willing to make that deal, I'd pull the trigger.

Sullivan also says that club officials "laughed at" reports out of Atlanta, of the Rangers talking to the Braves about sending them Mark Teixeira. Various permutations of the rumor I've seen floating around included Teixeira for John Thomson and prospects, or Teixeira for Rafael Furcal. Needless to say, either of those would be bad options...

Hey Guys,

I think it is great how Texas' Michael Young came out and said that the Rangers should pursue Carlos Delgado. I also think if the Rangers could some how keep Soriano and sign Delgado we would become legitimate playoff contenders, however if that isn't the case I would love to see us trade Soriano, because if we don't do that we will lose him at the end of the season and get nothing in return. It would be much wiser to get quality prospects. Check out more of my thoughts on the Rangers on my blog:


Adam I am not trying to steal readers from your blog. Your blog is amazing, I am just trying to publicize mine also, as I too am a big-time Rangers fan who is just trying to get my blog off the ground. It would be nice to get some talk going on there about the Rangers. Thanks
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