Sunday, January 09, 2005

The DMN on Delgado 

Monday's DMN features a short piece from Todd Wills, talking about the implications of Beltran signing with the Mets.

As discussed here at length, Wills suggests that Beltran going to the Mets makes it less likely they'll break the bank for Delgado, thus making it more likely that he ends up in Texas.

Wills also mentions that Beltran's leaving Houston could "revitalize" the Soriano-for-Brandon-Backe talks that were going on between Texas and Houston at the winter meetings.

But no new information...

I was jus watching Sportscenter (11:00 Sunday) and Tim Kurkjian was asked where he thought Delgado was going to end up. The only team he mentioned was Baltimore. Unless Hicks and Hart get their heads out of their asses and pony up, Delgado will almost certainly end up with the Orioles or even the Dodgers. I also have a sick feeling that the Red Sox might jump in and make an offer.
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