Thursday, January 13, 2005

Galloway on Hicks and Delgado 

Great column today from Randy Galloway, who is holding Hicks' feet to the fire on the Delgado issue.

As Galloway says, the Delgado signing is coming down to credibility versus flexibility.

I find Galloway to be an irritating radio personality, and I don't much with what he has to say. However, I could not agree more to his column.
I have never heard Galloway on the radio, but I really enjoy his tough-love mentality when it comes to Hicks and the Rangers. There is absolutely no excuse why Texas can't acquire Delgado and if they don't (which it appears is highly likely), it will be just another missed opportunity for this organization. It would be quite a shame to pass on a legitimate MVP-contender who lives to play in a ballpark like Ameriquest.
If you are in the Dallas area, Galloway has the afternoon show on ESPN radio (103.3 I think). He competes with the Hardline (1310 AM), which is by far the best show in the afternoon.
Jeez... normally I don't agree with Galloway at all. This is the most intelligent thing I've heard him say in years.
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