Thursday, January 27, 2005

Galloway, Reeves take their shots at Ranger management 

On back to back days, the Star-Telegram's top two columnists, Randy Galloway and Jim Reeves, have blasted Ranger management on the issue of credibility.

Randy Galloway's column was more of a criticism of the Rangers' idea of moving Mark Teixeira off of first base to make room for Carlos Delgado, but he also essentially accuses the Ranger brass of lying about the Carlos Delgado negotiations.

Jim Reeves' column, meanwhile, is basically a broadside against a management group that seems to think that lying to their fans about what they are doing, and going to do, is acceptable.

This is the harshest criticism I've seen of Ranger management since the Fuson fiasco last summer, and I think it is warranted. As Reeves points out, a lot of the frustration stems from the fact that Hicks hasn't re-invested the savings from letting all the big names leave into team payroll. But it also stems from the fact that, with this management group, you never get the sense that you are getting the straight story.

Kudos to Reeves and Galloway for taking Hicks, Hart & Co. to task on this.

Yep. How can Hicks, Hart, and Buck get away with so much lieing?
One of the mantras of Billy Beane and, undoubtedly, Paul DePodesta is to not pay attention to the media. They stick to their plan and let the results speak for themsleves. This has worked in the case of Beane, and we shall see about the Dodgers. However, my fear is that Hart and Co. will take the same approach. The results won't justify their course of action, but the top three Rangers brass are so likeminded that the status quo will continue. Although, the Newberg Report has some interesting things to say on the Delgado negotiations.
As frustrated as I am it is nice to see a like opinion being published for everyone to read instead of the "doing it the right way" attitude the Rangers are trying to get to get away with. I didn't realize "doing it the right way" was equal to doing whatever was necessary to make the bottom line appealing.

At the same time, I really wish people didn't have a reason to complain and we were looking forward to spring training. Not that I'm not, I can't wait, unfortunately I just see myself waiting for a .500 or below baseball team.
Major props to Reevo for saying what many of us fans have been screaming for the past 2-3 seasons.
Though I'm not much of a Galloway fan, I will have to agree with him on his take of this whole situation. In this sports area you have two owners who seem to care about things and trying ( maybe even badly...lol ) to put something good out on the field/court. Hicks is not one of those owners :(
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