Monday, January 03, 2005

Green to the D-Backs 

The Dodgers have reportedly traded Shawn Green to the Diamondbacks, according to ESPN's Peter Gammons.

This was a piece of the three way trade with the Yankees that the Dodgers backed out of, incurring the ire of the Yankee brass. Apparently, the Dodgers will get Yankee catching prospect Dioner Navarro, along with a pitching prospect, if the D-Backs trade with the Yankees involving Navarro and Randy Johnson goes through. If the trade doesn't go through, the Dodgers will get another catching prospect.

The Dodgers will send $8 million along with Green, who is owed $16 million next year, to the D-Backs. Not a bad deal for Los Angeles, but a curious one for the D-Backs, given that newly signed Troy Glaus may not be able to play 3B, which would require him to move to 1B, the same position Green is pretty much relegated to.

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