Saturday, January 08, 2005

Houston fails to re-sign Beltran 

With the deadline for Beltran to sign with the Astros passing tonight, and no deal being reached, Houston is now out of the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes.

The Mets becoming the leading candidates to sign him, which would take them out of the running for Carlos Delgado, leaving Texas and Baltimore as the primary two suitors there.

And with Beltran leaving Houston, hopefully the discussions about sending Soriano to Houston will be revived.

Do you even want the rangers to try to sign Delgado? I just don't see how he really helps the ball club take the next step. By not signing any pitchers haven't the Rangers shown that they aren't playing for next season but for two years down the road? How is signing Delgado helping the Rangers if we aren't making the full commitment to winning now?
Delgado helps because the Rangers were 10th in the league in batting last year. It all comes down to offense. Pitching did not keep the Yankees from getting to the World Series. They could not get a hit with runners in scoring position once they blew out Boston. When the Angels won the World Series, they pounded opposing pitching. Delgado will thrive at TBIA because of the way the wind carries fly balls and the short homerun porch. Delgado would be the best thing the Rangers can do this offseason.
The rotation is still a problem, but all in all, the pitching was the Rangers' strength in 2004...the offense was the problem.

I don't think Delgado makes the Rangers a playoff team in 2005, but I think he makes them a hell of a lot better off than we would be with a Dellucci/Colbrunn platoon. If we have Delgado, and we get, say, the 2003 version of Richard Hidalgo, then this team is a playoff contender.
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