Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm depressed 

Adding Delgado would have simply made this team a good team. An 82-85 win team, maybe better if everything broke right.

As currently situated, though, this is a sub-.500 team.

This offseason has been a disaster. We lost Ben Kozlowski for no good reason, did basically nothing to improve the team, and are wasting money on dreck like Sandy Alomar, Jr.

But on the plus side, Tom Hicks made sure to apply some of that "financial flexibility" to sign John Hart and Buck Showalter to contract extensions.

There's a glimmer of hope, I guess, that the Rangers could try to get Mike Sweeney from the Royals, or Mike Cameron or Cliff Floyd from the Mets.

But at this point, I'm pretty much resigning myself to a season of mediocrity.

I'm with you Adam. I really believed on Saturday that it was only a matter of time before Delgado would sign with Texas. Signing with the Mets baffles me for a number of reasons. The obvious reason is that he has chosen a pitcher's park. He is also switching leagues. The Rangers must have made it abundantly clear that Teixeira is their first baseman. My overwhelming depression starts to set in when I think of the Colbrunn/Delluci platoon at DH. It's as anemic as Fullmer and Jordan were last year. To even entertain the notion that the Rangers can do in '05 what they did last year is ludicrous. At this rate there will be no need to worry about pitching at the trading deadline because Texas will be nestled comfortably in fourth place.
Losing Delgado is superfluous and nothing to be sad about.

For one, he was overpriced--with the Mets threatening to inflate his cost even more.

But even more, this team is, through and through, in '05 as in '04, a team in development and transition. Even with an improved offense the team's pitching staff would not be competitive enough to succeed. Not without an above ground swimming pool full of good luck, anyways.

'05 is still going to be a really productive and interesting season, though. It's the year the Fuson crop of pitching will finally show its true colors, for better or worse.

And the team needs to hope for one thing out of that crop:

Andy Pettite.

The Rangers need one young pitcher from within who--for a pittance compared to any '04 free agent starter--can reliably gobble up 200 innings from the third spot in the order, or even the fourth. That pitcher is somewhere down there on the farm, surely. I think his name is John Hudgins.

This is also the year Jason Botts, Ian Kinsler, Gerald Laird, and maybe even Vince Sinisi are going to assert just what services they can provide the major league squad.

In other words, this is the last of the rebuilding and restocking years. And '06 will be the first of the competing years.

I'm not disappointed about missing out on the expensive old man from Puerto Rico, and I feel utterly no envy of the New York Mets for getting him. I never envy the Yankees, either.

The Rangers are young, cheap, and one roster spot away from self-cleansing of all of their stupid contracts.
This team needs to keep its eyes on the future and the continued improvement of its outstanding core of young talent.

Adam- I just read some interesting stuff on ESPN.com. Sloane takes a shot at the Rangers, saying that if he had 25 conversations with Texas that 24 of them included the Rangers saying that Delgado would play first base for them. Sloane goes on to say that Texas gave his client a five-hour window to decide on a decision that would affect "the rest of his life." Sounds a little bit over-dramatic to me..The story also says the Mets have dropped out. Looks like the Marlins unless Delgado wants to spend another year looking up in the standings at the Red Sox and Yankees.
So you guys are telling me that Carlos Delgado would have made this team that much better. I am glad we did not get him. Save that money and sign Tex to an extension. We do not need Mike Sweeney or Cameron or Floyd. I would rather keep what we have instead of those guys. I think we will be above 500 easily, and i dont see why not getting Delgado should depress any Ranger fan.
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