Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jimmy Kimmel on Steve Garvey 

Someone on espn.com worse than John Kruk...

Apparently, Steve Garvey deserves to be in the Hall because when Jimmy Kimmel was a kid, he thought he was the best player in baseball, and they named a school after him.

A ridiculous article, and the most ridiculous part is Kimmel's explanation as to why Garvey isn't in:

"The reason Steve Garvey isn't in the Hall of Fame has little to do with baseball. It's because he couldn't live up to the "perfect" status we assigned him. The paternity suits -- which seem quaint by today's standards -- made him a national punch line. The same writers who created his All-American image now punish him for embracing it."

An absolutely asinine argument. Steve Carlton, who refused to speak to the media, is in. Wade Boggs, who got a reputation for being a grade-A jackass, and whose mistress (Boggs was married) posed nude in Penthouse, will get in this year.

Steve Garvey isn't in the Hall of Fame because he wasn't that good.


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