Thursday, January 06, 2005

Johnson, Yankees agree to an extension 

Two years, $32 million...

The Big Unit will turn 44 in the last year of that deal, when he'll get $16 million...

But hey, it is only money, right?

Johnson wanted an extension in exchange for waiving his no-trade clause. With that taken care of, the trade between the D-Backs and Yanks should be consummated...

Hey Adam-
Did you happen to notice on MLB.com yesterday that an Associated Press writer spoke with Carlos Delgado in Puerto Rico. He expressed the most interest in going to the Mets and then mentioned the Orioles, Mets, Yankees and Red Sox as teams that he was interested in. Not a single mention of the Rangers. It seems likely that Texas is out of the running or was never really in it. What do you think?
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