Sunday, January 02, 2005

Kim on the market? 

The Denver Post today has an item about the Rockies' interest in Boston pitcher Byung-hyun Kim.

Kim is owed $6 million, but the report indicates that the Red Sox are willing to pay 80% of that, if they can get a quality prospect in return.

Kim was an elite reliever for the D-Backs, before getting traded to Boston for Shea Hillenbrand. He was an anchor in the pen for Boston in 2003, but struggled with injuries and ineffectiveness last year, and has alienated management with his requests/demands that he start, rather than pitch out of the pen.

He's got a rubber arm and terrific stuff...despite a reputation for being a bit of a head case, he's someone who is worth taking a shot on. This is something that the Rangers need to keep an eye on.

The Star Telegram had an article today about the Rangers wanting to build pitching from within, yet would it not be best to draft pitchers who, statistically speaking, have the best odds of making the majors quickly without injury (i.e. pitchers who played college ball)? The removal of Fuson, even as indirect as it was, clearly answered "no" to the aforementioned question. Seeing as how I do not have access to the Rangers front office to ask these type of questions, I wish the DFW media would do so. Be it the White House or TBIA, the media does not hold the powers that be responsible for their actions.
I'm thinking the Rangers organization has had enough of asian pitchers for a while.
I don't get it, either. They've got a plethora of good young arms, and they axe they guy responsible for getting them here.
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