Wednesday, January 19, 2005

LeBreton on the Delgado situation 

Gil LeBreton today has a piece in the S-T about the Rangers' quiet pursuit of Carlos Delgado.

While I agree with a lot of LeBreton's central premise -- that most of the free agent signings this offseason have been excessive, particularly for pitchers, and the Rangers were wise to stay away -- he has a little more faith than I do in Tom Hicks' willingness to open his wallet.

I'm still disturbed by the rumblings -- Buck Showalter's denials notwithstanding -- that payroll is slotted at $52-55 million, and thus Soriano has to be traded to make room for Delgado in the budget.

While a Soriano deal isn't a bad thing in and of itself -- and LeBreton's whining notwithstanding, I'd deal Soriano for Chris Burke straight up -- the notion that this team can't afford both players is quite irritating. We'll see soon enough how serious Tom Hicks is about solidifying this team.


How do you feel about the argument that signing Delgado is a mistake because the Rangers aren't going to contend for a title with him this year, so you might as well let Botts/Gonzalez get playing time and develop in the big leagues this season and then you can use the "delgado money" to resign your stars like Tex when he becomes a free agent.
Have the rumors of Soriano going to Arizona for Javier Vazquez completely died at this point? While a bit of a fly ball pitcher, Vazquez would obviously be a great addition to the rotation. The Snakes desperately need his arm as well, but could most certainly use Soriano at second, taking over for the woeful Craig Counsell.
I don't think Botts or Gonzalez will ever be as good as Delgado will be for the next few years. Delgado fills a need, and is a great fit for the park. And while I don't think they are title contenders with him in 2005, I didn't think they'd be in the pennant race last season...and if they had Delgado here at DH in 2004, they'd probably have made the playoffs.
I haven't heard anything about Soriano for Vazquez in a while.

Soriano to Houston seems to be the most likely scenario...and again, if they can't get anything but Chris Burke, I'd still make that deal.
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