Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Loaiza off the market 

Esteban Loaiza, whom the Rangers were supposedly sniffing around on, has signed with the Nationals.

One year, $2.9 million, continuing the Nationals streak of overpaying for mediocre to bad free agents.

If you're the Nats, and operating within Ranger-like payroll restrictions, Esteban Loaiza for $2.9 Mil is a pretty good bet, in my opinion. He's certainly more accomplished than guys like Estes and Paul Wilson that command a similar range of salary. And certainly Loaiza's a better signing than inking Vinny Castilla to a multi-year deal or picking up Jose "I'm not nearly good enough to get away with this jackass act" Guillen.

Esteban gives them a rotation of Livan, Loaiza, Okha, Armas, and Day. It's wretched, sure...but there will be worse rotations out there.
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