Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More news on the Rangers and free agents 

T.R. Sullivan today has an article about the Rangers ongoing flirtation with Carlos Delgado.

If you believe what his agent says, Delgado wants to come to Texas, but there's a hangup over money. Baltimore has supposedly offered 3 years, $30 million, which apparently won't get it done. The Mets have been the other team seriously after Delgado, but they now appear to be focusing on Carlos Beltran. The speculation is that, if the Mets end up paying the $17-19 million per year necessary to land Beltran, they'll pass on Delgado, leaving Baltimore and Texas as the two main candidates. Texas, from all indications, would seem to have the edge, although that could simply be posturing on Delgado's part to get more money from Baltimore.

Additionally, Sullivan indicates that the Rangers have looked into Kevin Millwood, who is erroneously described as "a potential No. 1 starter".

Much like Shawn Estes, Millwood had a breakout year early that convinced folks he was an up-and-coming star. Unfortunately, the 2.68 ERA he posted in 1999 at age 24 has turned out to be a fluke year...he's had one other season when he was very good (2002, with a 127 ERA+), and otherwise has been nothing more than an innings-eater.

Now, as an innings-eater, Millwood would be fine for the Rangers. The Rangers definitely need one for their rotation. On a cheap, one year deal, I'd love to see Millwood here. But if they are paying him as a top-of-the-rotation starter -- or even the $7 million per year over three years Kris Benson and Jaret Wright are getting -- then we need to pass.

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