Monday, January 03, 2005

More on the HOF vote 

Gerry Fraley had a column on his HOF votes today.

The most egregious of his votes was cast for Don Mattingly, who is a Hall of Famer if you consider someone who was very good for six years a Hall of Famer...most amazingly, he goes so far as to claim that Mattingly was better than Wade Boggs.

Also in the Boggs comments, he claims that "the 'walks are better than homers' faction that has arisen would have loved Boggs." I'm a bit confused about who, out there, has ever claimed walks are better than homers...but that's typical Fraley. Don't let the facts get in the way when you can insult the sabermetric crowd.

Jim Reeves on Sunday identified his six choices: Boggs, Gossage, Sutter, Smith, Sandberg, and Rice.

Given the amount of support Gossage, Sutter and Smith seem to be getting, I wouldn't be shocked if all three made it in.

Although, as Rob Neyer pointed out today, one has to wonder why Bruce Sutter is getting so much love, but Dan Quisenberry is getting ignored.

Compare Sutter's stats to Quisenberry's, and then tell me who is more deserving.

Why do you think that Quisenberry is being ignored? I'm not arguing that he belongs in the HOF. He was one of the best relievers in the game for a few years, but it was only a few years. But all in all his stats are extremely similar to Bruce Sutters'.
Sutter was a much bigger name when they played, had the splitter than everyone ended up copying, spent a lot of time in two big baseball markets -- Chicago and St. Louis -- and was a big free agent signing by Atlanta. There was a lot of buzz around him throughout his career.

Quiz, meanwhile, was a weird guy with a funky delivery, seen as almost a gimmick pitcher, who spent his whole career in Kansas City, not exactly the Mecca of baseball.
I considered the teams Sutter played for before I asked the question. I agree that they helped in the recognition factor, something that you hope doesn't play a role in the HOF voting but obviously does. And you have a point about the submarine delivery probably hurting Quisenberry. But, at the time he played for Kansas City, the Royals were a very good team. Perenial playoff team getting beaten by the Yankees almost every year.
Story of my life really, born in KC but moved to Texas and adopted the Rangers. Bounced by the Yanks in the playoffs too.
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