Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No Delgado for Texas 

T.R. Sullivan today says that the Rangers are pretty much out of the Delgado race, with the Mets likely to sign him at $12-14 million per year.

According to Sullivan: "Rangers officials insist they don't see a situation where they can have both Soriano and Delgado on the same team, not unless owner Tom Hicks makes an exception to the stated payroll budget. Right now, the Rangers are looking at a $52-$55 million payroll, plus the $9 million they owe on Alex Rodriguez's contract."

So, basically, we are Pittsburgh or Kansas City...but better yet, we're Pittsburgh or Kansas City while paying the Ho $14 million and Soriano $8 million in 2005.

Essentially, we have $30 million to spend on the rest of the team. After winning 89 games and seeing a huge jump in attendance, Tom Hicks is slashing payroll, and the team has done virtually nothing to improve this offseason.

What an awful offseason.

I could not agree more.
Delgado, like the entire market, is overpriced. A one year deal makes sense, even for the per annum salary he wants, but guaranteeing 3 years' worth is pretty risky. He's older, and burly DHs in their 30s are really not _that_ hard to come by, after all.

The team has worked hard to compose itself from within, and that's what we'll see them continue to do this year. As we get into the last year of CHP's contract and figure out exactly where we're at with our own pitching, we'll be much more effective in planning and budgeting for the F.A. market.

Really, though, this year's free agents haven't been worth bidding on. The market's been a joke.

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