Monday, January 17, 2005

Notes from Ken Rosenthal 

Ken Rosenthal's Inside Dish includes a couple of interesting items for Rangers fans...

First, he says that Kevin Mench remains a popular target for teams looking for a cheap outfielder, but that the Rangers are resisting efforts by others to pry him away.

Secondly, he notes that Billy Beane has the right to opt out of his contract with the A's if ownership changes, which means that, with Lewis Wolff's anticipated purchase of the club, Beane might become the highest-profile G.M. ever to hit the free agent market.

Tom Hicks has made it clear, in overpaying for John Hart (the highest-paid G.M. in baseball), that he'll spend for front office types. If Beane, the best G.M. in baseball, becomes available, Hicks needs to be on the phone, checkbook in hand, immediately.

I'd rank Terry Ryan and John Schuerholz ahead of Beane.
Schuerholtz has to be the best GM. not familiar with most gm's total record. beane would have to be top 3 though.
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