Tuesday, January 11, 2005

On the starting pitching front 

According to the Washington Post, "two industry sources" indicate that the Rangers are involved in discussions with Esteban Loaiza.


It should be noted, in relation to bullpens, Hardball Times (www.hardballtimies.com) has a great article on bullpens and their effectiveness. Texas ranked #5 on the list (WPA of 3.53), which is respectable. However, article later states that the numbers do not take into account the effect of ballparks. The author estimates that the adjusted WPA would be 4.2, which would rank them second behind the Angels (WPA of 6.09). Definately worth a read.
better than nothing........................

hes not that bad............
Well here is how I look at it, instead of giving Loaiza 2 year 6 mil why dont we take that money and add it to Delgado's offer, so we can offer him 12 mil a year. However I can't buy into the fact that the Rangers aren't willing to just add 2 mil to Deglado's offer each year, but that they just dont want to have Delgado locked up for 4 years. However if we get Loazia I won't be too upset. This is a guy who finished second in the Cy Young 2 years ago. He pitched 226 innings that year, never having pitched 200 innings before then so I do think his performance last year could have been a result of a tired arm. Loazia isn't the same pitcher that he was when he was a Ranger, as he developed a nasty cutter that he used often in 2003 to help him become such a successful pitcher that year. I think if the Rangers signed him I would like him to start in the pen, so he won't take a spot away from one of our young pitchers. Then, we can keep Loazia fresh and if one of the young pitchers begins to struggle, Loazia can step in.
Also, I wrote a lot more about my thoughts regarding Loaiza in my own blog:


I think my thoughts are somewhat insightful and I would love for someone to respond to any of my comments as I have no responses yet. Please be a good sport and just help me lift my blog off the ground. Anyone. Thanks
I don't think that Loaiza would be so bad... couldn't be any worse than Chan Ho. So I say go for it. Like we saw last season, young arms don't always make it through an entire year, and it would be nice to have a vet to step in if needed.
P.S.- enjoy the site, though I don't always agree with some of the comments. I'm a big Rangers fan, though, and always like hearing what other Ranger fans have to say.
Arlington might be a good place for Loaiza to get his mojo back. Get out of the NYC limelight and return to a familiar, less stressful media environment could possibly return him to form. The Rangers could probably get him for not too much with a pretty good upside. On the other hand, maybe he only had a couple of good years in him. Be interesting to see how it turns out with him.
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