Sunday, January 16, 2005

Possible Cameron/Byrnes trade 

Rumors abound that the A's and Mets are close to consummating a trade, with Mike Cameron going to the A's for Eric Byrnes and Chad Bradford.

That would be bad for two reasons...first, the A's would be a much better team with Mike Cameron chasing down fly balls in center field. Beane had apparently targeted Cameron as a free agent in the 2003-04 offseason, ultimately losing him to the Mets.

Second, that Mets would be making that deal, supposedly, to free up more money to throw at Carlos Delgado...which, of course, would make it that much less likely we'd snag Delgado...

Would Kotsay move to LF?
However, Byrnes in New York would be hilarious.
I think Kotsay would slide over to RF. Either way, that would give them a terrific defensive outfield that can also hit...
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