Friday, January 07, 2005

Rangers and Delgado 

Thanks to Joe Siegler, who runs a very nice Ranger website, for the heads up on this mlb.com article...

The piece mainly deals with the Astros offering 7 years, $100 million to Carlos Beltran -- a figure which I don't think will be enough to get a deal done.

But there's a mention at the bottom that the Rangers could end up in Texas if he decides to take a short-term deal. This makes way too much sense...if Delgado feels like the Sexson/Glaus dollars he wants aren't out there right now, he can take a one year deal, crush homers at TBIA, and re-enter the free agent market after the season, having proved that 2004 was an aberration. For Texas, they get the big bat they want in the middle of the lineup for 2005, and don't have to worry about any long-term obligations.

It would be a win/win...and is precisely the type of deal the Rangers need to be exploring with these sorts of free agents. TBIA is the perfect place to play for a year or two while trying to build back your value, which is why Richard Hidalgo is here. If they can take on reclamation projects on short deals, they minimize the risk and get more bang for the buck.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that this comes to fruition...

You're right, this would be a great deal, and probably the one that would happen. I just don't see the Rangers giving Delgado the long-term deal he wants. Then again, the Mets seem to have endless money to burn. All in all, what a worthless offseason.
Any word on the Rangers going after Maglio Ordonez?
I've heard nothing on Mags lately. I don't see the Rangers being in on him.
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