Saturday, January 08, 2005

Rangers overpay for Barajas 

One year, $1.85 million for Barajas.

Unbelievable. The Buck/Hart contract cronyism strikes again.

Barajas isn't a good player. He's a poor defensive player. He doesn't get on base. Last year, he hit a bunch of homers in the first half of the season, leading folks to clamor about what a great pickup he was and what a great job Rudy Jaramillo did in "fixing" him.

Then, in the second half, he hit .225/.261/.370, which is about what would be expected from him given his career performance.

This contract is absurd and indefensible. They are overpaying for a bad player. For less than $1 million more than the Barajas/Alomar combo, they could have gotten A.J. Pierzynski and Gregg Zaun, which would have been one of the better catching combos in the league. Instead, they've got one of the worst catching situations in the league, and are overpaying for the privilege.

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