Monday, January 24, 2005

Rangers sniffing around on Magglio Ordonez 

Not too surprising.

They are apparently checking him out.

Although John Hart is quoted as saying, "We will be very happy if we take the team we currently have to spring training."


I'd like to see this happen. It could be a great fit, and even if he is not fit to play for the year, his salary and Chan Ho's will be coming off the books. Besides anything is better than Delluci getting the lion's share of AB's at DH.
It looks like Magglio is the last of the blue-chippers, with the much prized Delgado signing with the Marlins. Apparently, the Rangers either did not offer the $13 Mil that had been rumored, or the DH issue was important enough to convince the slugger to snub Hicks n' Hart.
Given his injury problems, I'm not sure Magglio qualifies as a blue-chipper anymore.
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