Friday, January 28, 2005

Rosenthal on Sosa 

Minutes after I posted my Sosa entry, Ken Rosenthal's article on Sammy Sosa came online.

Rosenthal says that the most earnest talks involving Sosa have been with the Orioles, who were shut out in the free agent market this offseason and are wanting to make a splash, particularly with the Nationals invading the Orioles' home turf.

Sosa's agent is quoted as saying that he expects Sosa to be traded, although Rosenthal states that Sosa will want a contract extension in exchange for waiving his 2006 option that becomes guaranteed if he is traded.

If Sosa wants out of Chicago -- and given that his agent is predicting he'll be traded, it appears that he does -- the contract extension issue is something that could prove problematic for him, something he may have to give on if he doesn't want to return to Wrigley Field for 2005.

Which could provide an opening for the Rangers, if he can't land an extension.

If Sosa thinks he is singing for his supper -- thinks that he has to perform in 2005 to get a nice deal for 2006 and beyond -- the Rangers are a very attractive destination. A hitter seeking to rebuild his value is going to find no better park in the A.L. to play than TBIA, where the hitter-friendly environment boosts numbers in a way that no other stadium other than Coors Field can match. And Sosa, in Texas, has the luxury of DHing the majority of the team, which should mean less wear and tear on his body.

It shall be interesting to see how this plays out...

Who would you trade for Sammy?
Please for the love of god do not tell me the rangers are interested in Sosa. He is old and past his prime. I personally feel that he is one of the guilty players that took steriods and i cannot stand him fir that. He would not fit in with the players that we have right now.
Well, it is moot now, but I wouldn't have given up anything more than Travis Hughes or Ruddy Yan, fringe prospects of that ilk.
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