Friday, January 07, 2005

The S-T on Delgado 

The S-T today has a piece by T.R. Sullivan on the Delgado situation...

A few choice quotes:

"Carlos has great interest in playing in Texas, which we have expressed to the Rangers management several times," Sloane said. "We're not looking for any records, and we're not looking to break the bank."

. . .

"We're certainly monitoring the situation, but I would not characterize us as the front-runner," Rangers general manager John Hart said. "I would characterize us as a club that's staying in reasonable proximity.

"There's certainly an attraction for an offensive player like Carlos in this ballpark, but there is a difference in the economics."

. . .

The Rangers are constrained by budget issues as owner Tom Hicks is adamant that the payroll stay within the team's revenue stream. That the Rangers still owe Chan Ho Park $29 million over the next two seasons has kept them from being more aggressive in the free agent market.

I'm tired of hearing about Chan Ho Park.

If Tom Hicks is "adamant" that the Rangers are going to be a $60 million payroll team, then there's not much point in hoping for this team to be a legitimate contender on a consistent basis.

If Tom Hicks is "adamant" that the Rangers are going to be a $60 million payroll team, then really, we're in the same boat as Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Cincinnati. Just another third-rate, small-market franchise.

Now the Marlins are in the mix for Delgado, and are offering around $10 million a year. I just don't seem him coming to the Rangers. Ciaro now signed with the Mets. The Rangers need a utility infielder with some experience at SS. The Diamond Backs are interested in trading for Eric Byrnes (whom I know you don't like). Involved in the trade would be, possibly, Alex Cintron, who would be a good fielder off the bench. Why oh why did Hart offer Soriano arbitration? St. Louis got Grudzielanek for 1 year $1.5 million, which would have been a good deal for the Rangers.
Buck Showalter was on 1050 espn radio here in NYC the other day, and make a few comments about the rangers habving interest in Delgado. Basicly he was saying everything that had been leaked out into the press, nut it was nice to hear something on the radio other than NY area sports teams. He also said that the strength of the team lies in its excellent pitching staff and our hitting is very sub-par with the rest of the league.
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