Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sloane accuses the Rangers of reneging on DH issue 

The latest on the Delgado situation:

[i]Sloane said the Rangers told him on Sunday afternoon that if Delgado signed with Texas, he probably would be a designated hitter most of the time.

"From the first conversation with the Texas Rangers, we made it crystal clear that Carlos Delgado had no interest in being a full-time DH," Sloane said. "If we had 25 conversations with the Texas Rangers, we were told in 24 of those that the question of him playing first base was no issue. Earlier today, we were told that is changing and that 75 percent of his at-bats, should he choose to sign with the Texas Rangers, would come as a DH.

"After three months of negotiations, we were given less than five hours to tell them yes or no, to make a decision that affects not only the rest of Carlos Delgado's baseball career, but the rest of his life."[/i]

If this is true, this pisses me off even more.

The DH/1B situation should have been a non-issue. If they assured Sloane that Delgado would play 1B, and then backed off on that today, that tells me that the Rangers were never really serious about signing him, that this was just posturing to satisfy the fans.

I'm starting to really hate Tom Hicks.

Agent Sloan was overreaching with his comments. 4 yrs/$48 = "The rest of his life" - BS. Makes me question his other comments regarding negotiations.

I know that you wanted Delgado and really have developed a dislike for Hicks, hell I have to. However, I think that this is one falls on the agent and not the Rangers. From reading the ESPN article, it sounds like Sloane was playing the Rangers just for more money all along. I just find it interesting that the Rangers withdrew by all accounts and Sloane is trying to make it sound like he threw them out. Something fishy is going on here.
Actually, the Rangers were never interested, as I predicted. This was all a sham.

I heard Bob Sturm (the ticket) come up with a fitting analogy. It's as if the Rangers are the dude who goes to an auction with his girlfriend, and bids on certain items just to impress her, all while really not wanting to win it and hoping someone else outbids him. That's what the Rangers were doing. They wanted their fans to believe they were really making a big offer, really going after him, all while hoping he would sign elsewhere. And perhaps just when they thought "Hey, he may actually take this offer, uh-oh" then they threw in the "Oh yeah you have to play DH" BS to scare him away.

Wouldn't the DH-1B point come up within the first 10-15 minutes of the conversation? It makes no sense.

Rangers were NEVER interested in signing Delgado or spending money. It's nothing more than a chirade.

Sell the team Hicks, please.

I just hope to God they'll lock up Teixeira when his contract is up. They supposedly passed on Delgado because they wanted to keep Tex at first base, well, then actually resign him to a long-term deal. And don't tell us that you can't because Boras is his agent. Get it done. I don't want to turn into a franchise where not only can we not sign medium-to-big name free agents but we can't even hold onto our own guys that come out of our farm system.

jon g.
Aw. It's not so bad once you get used to it.

Nate - A's fan.
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