Friday, January 28, 2005

Sosa, maybe? 

From what I understand, Buck Showalter was recently on the radio, saying that the Rangers had irons in the fire on a couple of significant trade possibilities.

On then the Chicago Sun-Times has an article today, that says:

The Sammy Sosa saga remained in flux Thursday as Cubs general manager Jim Hendry had trade negotiations over the telephone with Baltimore Orioles executive vice president Jim Beattie and Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden.

To add to the lingering and uncertain drama, a new mystery club also has become involved in the talks this week.

This team's publicity-shy GM wants to stay anonymous and has asked the Cubs not to reveal his interest in Sosa.

That's got John Hart written all over it.

Sosa is owed $17 million in 2005 and a $4.5 million buyout in 2006. He has an $18 million option in 2006 that vests automatically if he is traded, and it is pretty much a lock that any team trading for Sosa is going to want him to waive that provision.

If the Cubs pick up a chunk of the money owed, and if Sosa costs nothing but money and a fringe prospect, I'd definitely be interested in bringing him here to DH. He had a pretty bad season in 2004, but he's been a tremendous hitter for the six years prior to 2004, and he's not a terrible player to take a risk on.

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