Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today, On Delgado 

A flurry of reports on the Delgado situation...

T.R. Sullivan reports in the S-T today that things are looking good on the Delgado front. According to club officials, Hicks has the "glint in his eye" he gets when he wants a free agent, and his personal involvement and decision to go with the rest of the Ranger delegation to see Delgado on Friday is a sign that he wants to get the deal done. He's apparently backed off on the previous $55 million budget, which would have forced the Rangers to move Soriano to get a deal with Delgado done, and is apparently willing to add both Delgado and Soriano to the team.

Evan Grant in the DMN is less optimistic, noting that the Mets have scheduled a meeting today, before the Rangers can meet with Delgado. Grant also suggests that the Ranger plan -- for Delgado to be primarily a DH -- could work against them, as the N.L. suitors are offering a first base job.

If it is really that big of a deal, personally, I'd just as soon the Rangers let him be the first baseman, put Teixeira in the outfield, and let Mench or Hidalgo DH.

Meanwhile, New York Newsday is suggesting that the Mets are the favorites, and are preparing an offer of 4 years, $45 million to Delgado. Newsday cites a source as saying that the Rangers will go four years, if necessary, but won't go over $10 million per year.

The New York Daily News, meanwhile, cites "industry sources" as saying that they believe the bidding will top out at 3 years, $11-12 million per year. The Daily News also repeats the rumor that the Rangers don't want to go above $10 million per year, and imply that the Mets will end up landing him, given that they are willing to do three years at $11-12 million per.

Finally, the New York Post also seems to believe that the Mets are going to end up with Delgado. They are reporting that Delgado has asked for 5 years, $80 million, while the Mets have only offered three years, $30 million and the Marlins have gone 3 years, $35 million.

The tone of all this seems to suggest that the Mets, Marlins and Rangers are the key players still in the Delgado sweepstakes, with the Orioles appearing to fade. Pretty clearly, all the New York papers think that Delgado will end up a Met, although that appears to be based in large part on faith that Minaya will ultimately open up the checkbook and top any offer the Marlins or Rangers make.

If it takes 3 years, $36 million to get a deal done, then Tom Hicks and John Hart need to get the deal done. If Minaya is willing to go 5 years at $14-15 million per year, then I'll support Tom Hicks' decision not to match that figure. If Minaya decides he's going to spend whatever it takes to get Carlos Delgado to New York, then hopefully the Rangers will drop out of the bidding when it reaches outrageous levels, and start thinking about, say, targeting Lance Berkman in the 2005-06 offseason.

But it sounds like we should know by the end of the weekend where Carlos Delgado will be playing in 2005.

From what I have heard, New York papers are incredibly biased, so no surprise there. I am encouraged that Hicks seems to be saying all the right things, but time will tell if he will actually follow through. I don't know about Teieira in the outfield, I would much rather seem him at first. He's not the greatest with the glove, but he can hold his own. At least he does not have a bad defensive reputation.
As if we haven't beaten this Delgado thing into the ground, USA Today reports today that the Mets and Marlins are the favorites to land the slugger. It says, "The Rangers, who have Mark Teixeira at first base, would want Delgado to be a designated hitter and play first base sparingly, but Sloane says that his client isn't interested in a full-time DH role at this point." This may clear some things up for Ranger fans if its true. I want Delgado in a Rangers uniform more than anyone, but I am tired of all the speculation. My gut tells me the Mets have the edge and the Marlins are not far behind. I just hope it all unfolds this weekend or early next week.
Just a question, anyone know what kind of state income tax New York has, in comparison to the fact Texas doesn't have one.

Just wondering what kind of difference in contract it'd require for the offers to be about similar.
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