Tuesday, February 22, 2005

BP's top 50 prospect list 

Baseball Prospectus has come out with their top 50 prospect list...

The only Ranger to make the cut is Ian Kinsler, at #21. I can't really argue that there are any other Rangers who deserve to crack the top 50, and Kinsler at #21 may be a tad high.

Some other items of note for Rangers fans from the list...Oakland has four players in the top 50 -- two of which, Daric Barton and Dan Meyer, came over in the Mulder and Hudson deals. They also have two players in the honorable mention category. Seattle has two players in the top 10 -- Felix Hernandez and Jeremy Reed -- but then no one else listed. Anaheim has Dallas McPherson and Casey Kotchman in the top 5, plus Jered Weaver at #16 (if he actually signs with them), and Kendry Morales in the honorable mention category.

Scott Kazmir and Jeremy Hermida, players who many thought the Rangers should have taken instead of Drew Meyer in 2002, both cracked the top 50 list.

And at #22, right behind Ian Kinsler, is Cincy third base prospect Edwin Encarnacion. Encarnacion is a former Ranger prospect who was traded, along with Ruben Mateo, to the Reds for Rob Bell.

That was one of the last trades Doug Melvin made as G.M. in Texas, and it is a deal that looks pretty awful in retrospect...

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