Saturday, February 19, 2005

Buck praising Drew Meyer 

Drew Meyer has been a source of contention within the Ranger organization. Grady Fuson picking him in 2002, while passing on, among others, Jeremy Hermida, Scott Kazmir, and Khalil Greene, was supposedly a major factor in his being forced from the organization last summer. The Rangers left Meyer exposed in the Rule 5 draft, and has made it pretty clear that he doesn't really factor in his plans, after an injury-plagued 2004 where he showed up at camp out of shape and had, essentially, a wasted season.

But the DMN today indicates that Meyer has caught Showalter's eye, getting praise for showing up to camp in great shape and having worked hard. Showalter says that Meyer will got a lot more looks this spring, as a reward for his hard work this offseason. T.R. Sullivan had similar notes in the S-T today.

This is the first positive thing that I can remember Showalter ever saying about Meyer. And it is worth taking note of, as Showalter seems to zero in on certain prospects early each spring -- Laynce Nix in 2003, Ian Kinsler and Joaquin Arias in 2004 -- and give them a lot more time with the major league club.

It will be interesting to see if Meyer puts himself back in the organization's good graces.

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