Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Burnitz to the Cubs 

The Cubs have agreed to sign Jeromy Burnitz, contingent on the Sammy Sosa trade going through.

Burnitz was bandied about as a possible DH candidate in Texas, although the one year, $5 million that he got is more than I would have spent on him, and makes Hidalgo's one year, $5 million deal look pretty good in comparison.

Burnitz going to the Cubs would also seem to make it a little less likely that they'd be interested in Soriano, although the Cubs' starting left fielder at this point would be either Jerry Hairston Jr. or Todd Hollandsworth, neither of which are really guys you want starting at a corner outfield slot for a contending team.

Let's face it, the Rangers will be stuck with Soriano. If the Rangers play terribly, and Soriano does well, he may get traded. Though that would not happen until the All Star break. Even if he is traded midseason, I would not expect much for him; that is, no slugging DH. This offseason is officially done. The best thing the Rangers can now do to improve their club is to promote Laird to starting catcher (sooner rather than later), sign Dreese long-term, and (less likely) sign Teixeira long-term. I must say, if Soriano gets traded, I am interested in seeing Kinsler play.
Is Kinsler slated to open the year in Oklahoma City, or does he have some more double-A seasoning ahead of him?
I am not sure if the Rough Riders' website is fully up to date, but Kinsler is listed as an infielder. I am sure he will still be in Frisco for a bit as he did not spend much time in A ball. Kinsler probably would not see time in the majors till the end of the season. He has really torn up minor league pitching, so I'm eager to see him play even if only in September.
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