Monday, February 07, 2005

Magglio to the Tigers -- 5 years, $75 million, sort of 

This came down while I was out of town on Saturday...but Magglio Ordonez has signed a lucrative, complicated deal with the Tigers.

It is being reported as 5 years, $75 million, but there are option years for 2010 and 2011 which automatically vest based on playing time, at $18 million for 2010 and $15 million for 2011. On the plus side for the Tigers, they can void the deal after 2005 if Ordonez lands on the D.L. for at least 25 days with a recurrence of the knee problem that sidelined him most of last season.

That caveat makes the deal a little better for Detroit, but you have to imagine Ordonez is going to be shooting himself full of painkillers and doing whatever else is necessary to keep him on the field if that knee starts flaring up.

Regardless, it is a horrible contract. Ordonez was, possibly, almost worth $15 million a few years ago. Now, at age 31, on the downside of his career, he's being vastly overpaid to perform like he's likely no longer capable of performing. As someone else (I forget who) pointed out, you'd think a team with Bobby Higginson and his horrible contract on their team would know better than to give an aging, declining corner outfielder that sort of deal.

Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing (formerly Leone for Third) has a great analysis as to why this contract is such a bad idea...

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