Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mets have offered Floyd to the Rangers 

According to T.R. Sullivan, the Mets have offered Cliff Floyd to the Rangers, although there's no indication of what they are asking for.

There's been talk that the Mets are just wanting to dump Floyd and the 2 years, $13 million he has left on his contract. Floyd, if healthy, would be a very nice fit for Texas...he's a lefty power bat with a good OBP who would slot in perfectly at the DH slot. The problem is that he hasn't been able to stay healthy, having appeared in more than 121 games in a season only three times.

Floyd is 32, and had his worst season since 1996 last year, so there is legitimate concern that his 2004 wasn't just a down year, but was instead the beginning of the end. But given where the team's payroll is, and the lack of quality free agents available in the 2005-06 offseason, Floyd is a worthwhile risk to take as a salary dump.

Now, if the Mets want significant prospects in return, I'd balk. I don't have a problem with sending them a Nate Gold or a Ruddy Yan, but if they want Ian Kinsler or John Hudgins or Erik Thompson, or even Matt Lorenzo or Wes Littleton, I'd be reluctant, absent their picking up a chunk of Floyd's contract.

Uh, no thank you. If we had not already brought in Richard Hidalgo, I can see thinking about Cliff Floyd, but not now. Bringing in Floyd now would mean you expect to play him which means there's a problem with playing time for the guys already on the team out there (Hidalgo, Nix, Mench, Dellucci, Matthews, not to mention the next level in AAA). I can't see any positive side to bringing in Floyd at this point.
I'd rather see Floyd at DH than Dellucci. Besides the Mets are looking for a salary dump, and the Rangers have lots of money. So why not take a shot on Floyd, pick up almost all his contract, and not lose a prospect with potential. In fact, see if you can rework his contract so that this next year's payout is much greater, thereby making even more money available for the 2006 season. If Rangers fans are so worried Floyd and his injuries, why no fuss about Colbrunn. Is it because he is less expensive? The Rangers are not a $55 million ball club. They have done next to nothing to improve the team, while the rest of the AL West will be more competative (maybe not this year for the A's). Getting Floyd will not get the Rangers to the playoffs, but I don't want to see this club stop trying to win.
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