Thursday, February 03, 2005

Possible contract extensions for young Ranger players 

According to Kathleen O'Brien in the Star-Telegram, the Rangers have had internal discussions about trying to work out contract extensions for Ryan Drese, Alfonso Soriano, Kevin Mench, and Mark Teixeira. Drese is identified as the top priority, with discussions apparently set to take place this spring.

Personally, I'd just as soon they pass on Soriano, who I don't think is going to be worth the type of money he'd want to be locked up long-term. Teixeira should be the top priority, but Teixeira is represented by Scott Boras, and Boras clients generally prefer not to take the long-term security, opting instead to make more money year-to-year through arbitration.

Mench and Drese seem the most likely to sign long-term deals, although I'd be concerned about Drese, who has only had the one good season, and who is approaching 30. He's someone who could end up having a Terrence Long/Kevin Jarvis-type albatross deal in a couple of years, if he can't sustain the performance he had last season.

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