Friday, February 04, 2005

Rays to sign Neagle 

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are about to sign Denny Neagle to a minor league deal.

Neagle, of course, became a national punchline after he was arrested for solicitation earlier in the offseason, which prompted the Colorado Rockies to terminate his contract. The Rockies owed Neagle $19 million remaining from a 5 year, $51 million deal signed in December of 2000, in what has gone down as one of the truly awful free agent signings ever.

This is an interesting contrast to the Pedro Astacio signing...Neagle, like Astacio, has been on the shelf most of the last two years. They are the same age, and Neagle has been a much better pitcher throughout his career.

Of course, there is that little scandal involving Neagle...but then, Astacio was charged with domestic abuse back in 1999, charges that were ultimately dismissed.

I'm a bit confused about why Neagle gets a minor league contract, but Astacio gets a guaranteed $800K major league deal with another $2.2 million in incentives.

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