Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rosenthal's notes 

Ken Rosenthal has an extensive notes column today for TSN.

The only Ranger mention is their interest in Mike Sweeney as a DH candidate, but not at the cost of Kevin Mench. It is interesting, though, that Mench, who was on Buck Showalter's blacklist last season, and who G.M. John Hart apparently resisted trading, despite the push from Showalter, is now described as being part of the team's "core"...good news for Menchie...

The other item of particular note for Rangers fans, though, is that Tim Hudson is apparently about to sign a contract extension with the Atlanta Braves, taking him off the market after 2005.

If that goes through, it takes the free agent who would be most attractive for the Rangers off the market, and leaves only one big time free agent for the 2005-06 offseason that the Rangers should target -- Astro outfielder Lance Berkman.

Bad news for those of us who are still hoping that the much-vaunted "financial flexibility" might actually be used this coming offseason.

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