Monday, February 21, 2005

Texas Rangers website Q&A 

The Texas Rangers website has a mailbag column out today.

Two of the four questions are the obligatory, "What is the status of Jeff Zimmerman" and "What is the status of Justin Thompson" questions that seem to be standard issue. At least Rusty Greer's retirement means we won't be hearing any more questions about his comeback.

Another correspondent asks what the Rangers future plans are for Adrian Gonzalez. News flash...he's a "valuable asset for the Texas organization" who will either go to first base, moving Mark Teixeira to right field, or else he's trade bait. Shocking news, I know.

The last question is a fan pointing out that it is silly for young lefthanded hitters to constantly be protected against lefthanded pitching, and getting the standard pablum about confidence in response, with a "It worked for Hank Blalock!" thrown in.

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