Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tom Hicks on payroll 

Tom Hicks speaks on the Ranger payroll:

From January, 2004: "We're back to where we ought to be. We can win a championship with a payroll in the [$70-80 million range], and that's where we are."

From September, 2004: "If our revenue grows in the off-season, our payroll will grow with it."

And what is the 2005 Ranger payroll? $52 million.

So, apparently, it is our fault, as fans, for not spending more money on the team this offseason, that payroll isn't in the range where we can win a championship.

There's definitely inconsistency in what Hicks had said but I don't have a problem with the Rangers payroll spending. There are young players that need to be kept together over the next several years as their salaries grow. What I have a problem with is the total lack of effort to improve the pitching staff. The Rangers have done nothing on their biggest weakness.
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