Sunday, February 06, 2005

A writeup on the Winter Warmup 

Brandon Wilson of the Baseball Muse blog has a writeup on the Winter Warmup, in which he relates some of the details of Jon Daniels' and Buck Showalter's Q&As.

Daniels, it sounds like, kept everything pretty close to the vest (which seems to be typical of him), although he admitted that Laird's failure to play winter ball was a "little bit" of a negative. Showalter, again pretty typical, was more expansive, remaining high on Laynce Nix, and seeming to be enthusiastic about Pedro Astacio and Greg Colbrunn. I tend to agree with him, to a certain extent, on Colbrunn, but I have my doubts about Astacio's ability to contribute a whole lot this season.

Definitely a good read, though...check it out...

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