Sunday, February 06, 2005

Young on the offseason 

Randy Galloway's column today takes the Rangers to task for changing the traditional Winter Carnival from a two-day event to a small gathering designed to sell mini-season-ticket packages.

Galloway estimated the crowd at around 2,000, versus similar events in Minnesota and Pittsburgh drawing 28,000 and 14,000, respectively, making me wonder if comparing the Rangers to such small-market teams may have been overestimating them.

Galloway says that management didn't want to foot the bill for the $60,000 that it would have cost to put on a "first class Winter Carnival", a decision that seems pretty inexplicable, given the amount of goodwill these things generate among the fans.

But the more interesting thing, to me, was what Mike Young had to say about this past offseason.

From Galloway's column:

"Those things are totally out of my control," he said. "I don't own the team. I don't make decisions on personnel. The one thing I can control is being a better shortstop. I think most of the guys on the team feel the same way.

"I'm a realist. I know in our division, the American League West, Anaheim has gotten stronger, Seattle is better, and Oakland had major changes with their pitching but always manages to put a good team on the field, and will again.

"We have the same team. I see that. That's the way it is. So now I've got to get better. If I'm better, the team is better."

But in failing to make upgrades over the winter, team management talks of "sticking to a plan."

A rare frown crossed Young's face.

"Look, I'm not here for growth," he said. "We'd better not be loading up for 2008, or something like that. If a player puts in the work, he deserves to have the chance to win now. I don't care about loading up for the future. I want to win now.

"I'm a player. I'm supposed to be impatient when it comes to the subject of winning. And I am."

Young sounds about as happy about the team's lack of improvement this offseason as I am...

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