Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ben Davis clears waivers 

Catcher Ben Davis was waived by the ChiSox, and has apparently cleared waivers. If he doesn't accept an assignment to AAA, he becomes a free agent.

He's someone I wouldn't mind taking a look at. Supposedly has pretty decent defensive skills, although his hitting skills seem to have regressed. He's 28, though, and has a .242 career EQA...he's a better backup catcher than Alomar Jr., among others.

The White Sox manager said that David needed a certain number of at bats. Do you know what he is referring to? If so, isn't Davis hampered by the same problem as a back-up in Texas? Or, do you think the fact that the WS already had all LH bench players and needed a RH hitter was more of a factor than Davis' apparent need for at bats?
I think Davis is a better player than Barajas, so he should be starting the majority of the games if both of them were here anyway.

And this was offered to illustrate a larger point, as well...that giving guaranteed deals to sub-waiver-wire caliber players such as Alomar is foolish, since they you can get them at this point every spring, if you decide you really need one.
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