Wednesday, March 09, 2005

BP on the Rangers 

BP's Triple Play today features the Texas Rangers, and hits on Laynce Nix and Ryan Drese in particular.

Nothing earthshaking in their look at Nix...he started off fast last year, cooled off dramatically, was awful in the second half, and could get squeezed out by all the outfielders that are under contract right now.

On Drese, they point out something that I'd missed...Drese had one of the highest batting average on balls in play of any starting pitcher last year, at .303. High BABIPs don't generally go with breakout, might-be-a-fluke seasons...it is usually the other way around, with lower BABIPs driving a fluke season. His walk and homer rates were much lower than usual last season, which BP suggests could indicate a fluke, but they are missing the fact that Drese wasn't a sinkerball pitcher until 2004...before then, he'd tried to throw everything by batters, with little success.

They seem on board with the Rangers giving him a 2 year, $2.5 million deal with a third year option at $3 million, and I agree...that contract is a great bargain for the Rangers. Even if Drese is awful in 2005, they aren't paying him much, and if he's close to as good as he was in 2004, they've got him locked up for a very reasonable amount for the next three seasons. Great signing by Texas...

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